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3 Questions to Ask Every Real Estate Agent

How do you start conversations with agents? Do you use the opportunity to tell them about your great service and products? Chances are you want to connect with the agent and give them information as quickly as possible, but you are overlooking where the attention should be focused…on the agent. […]

How to Handle, “I’m Happy with My Lender!”

Are you prospecting real estates agents only to be rejected by their famous last words, “I already work with a lender?” Of the major objections agents express, this one outranks all of them. I’ve witnessed these 6 words ruin too many careers. The best thing you can do is to […]

3 Steps for Making Conversation so Realtors Chase You

When you approach a real estate agent, whether it’s the first conversation or the umpteenth one, where is your focus? Is it on making a sale or on the conversation itself? When it comes to having conversation with real estate agents, one characteristic that successful loan originators possess over average […]

After You Leave an Open House

Because Realtors are moving targets and real estate offices are like ghost towns, open houses present an opportunity to meet Realtors in person and accelerate the relationship-building process. But what happens after you leave the open house is just as important as what happens before you enter it! If you […]

How to Calculate Your Income Goal

Hopefully you’ve never been the recipient of the Christopher Columbus Award. This award is given to people who don’t know where they’re going, have no idea where they are when they arrive, and upon returning, don’t know where they have been. How important is it to know what you want […]

How to Handle Demanding Realtors

The Realtor calls at 7:00 pm on a Friday evening, and without saying hello or offering any pleasantries, wants to know the status of a file. Before you can respond you sense they’re perturbed, like the world is about to come to an end if you don’t give them the […]

Are Realtors Loyal?

Last week I spoke with a loan officer who was disgruntled with Realtors. He said he understood that real estate agents could be a high source of income for his business, but he didn’t think it was worthwhile because he said they have no loyalty. It’s hard to believe him […]

Are You an Expert?

When you ask most loan officers what is their biggest obstacle marketing to Realtors, you hear the same answers consistently: “Realtors won’t give me a chance!”, “They’re already using another loan officer!” and “Real estate agents expect referrals first!” Believe me, I know how finicky it is marketing to Realtors […]