3 Steps for Making Conversation so Realtors Chase You

When you approach a real estate agent, whether it’s the first conversation or the umpteenth one, where is your focus?

Is it on making a sale or on the conversation itself?

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When it comes to having conversation with real estate agents, one characteristic that successful loan originators possess over average ones is their ability to focus on it, rather than trying to make a sale.

Your thoughts are always at the basis of your behavior, so if your thoughts are fixed on the goal of making a sale then you’re really not focused on the conversation and Realtors will deliver the proverbial, “I’m happy with my lender!” objection.

And if you’re not focused on the conversation then you’re really chasing the agent.

Here is a 3 step action plan that helps you focus on the conversation so the agent chases you.

Step 1: Address a Core Problem

Real estate agents will connect with you when they feel you understand some of their issues before you focus on promoting your service.

Identify two or three specific problems that you can help solve or at least offer ideas.

For instance, if inventory has climbed and open house traffic has gotten competitive in your community, then you could address how to get more qualified traffic, or how to convert traffic into leads, or how to market leads after the open house.

Use the Internet to research a few ideas since there are zillions of real estate experts offering their opinions and ideas on these topics.

You might even go as far as printing the article and giving it to the agent because they care more about having the problem solved then who came up with the idea.

When you offer your services without first involving the agent by talking about a core problem you are focused on the sale rather than the conversation and your whole energy tends to drive the interaction into sales mode. Remember, whenever someone feels “chased,” they usually run.

If you’re not confident or you’re unsure how to engage in conversation then read about these 3 questions to ask every agent.

Step 2: Uncover the Truth

Make your objective to uncover the truth of the agent’s situation.

Since you’re initiating conversation, you don’t know if the core problem you’re describing is important to them or not until you ask important questions like,

  • Is this a top priority for you right now?
  • How does this rank among your priorities currently?
  • Is this a matter of importance?

If you move ahead and do not inquire about the relevancy and urgency of the core problem, you’re back in “chasing the agent mode.”

And in this case, you might be chasing something unrealistic.

You may find that the agent is polite and conversational, but their spouse is a loan originator and they’re unwilling to refer any future business.

So stop at various checkpoints in the conversation to make sure you’re moving ahead together.

If your thoughts are fixed only on the goal of eventually securing business, you can miss important signals that the other person may actually have no intention of following through.

Step 3: Invite the Agent to Take Charge

Here’s something very surprising.

Allow the conversation to end without chasing the agent into a commitment, and the agent will often be the one who initiates further contact.

So when you feel as if the conversation is coming to a natural conclusion, you simply say, “Well, where do you think we should go from here?”

This question reassures the agent that you’re not using the conversation to fulfill your own hidden agenda.

It invites them to take charge of where things are going, and all you need do is follow along.

When you fixate on conversing with an agent, instead of chasing a sale, you’ll be truly surprised at how often opportunities arise within a friendly and worthy conversation focused on their needs.



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